William Holden

William Holden is an Emmy Award winning film editor and the owner of Valis Pictures, LLC. He is most well known for his editing on Give which won the Emmy for the Best Family Show of 2017. He is a ten-year member of the Motion Picture Editors Guild and worked on shows such as Louie, Celebrity Apprentice, and Onion News Network. William has produced nine of his own short films and is currently producing commercials for small businesses as well as producing two separate pilots for different TV series ideas.



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90 Day Fiance (Season 7)
#1 Rated Television Show on Cable
TLC Docudrama – Sharp Entertainment – Prod. Dave Abraham, Dan Adler

Before the 90 Days (Season 3)
#1 Rated Television Show on Cable
TLC Docudrama – Sharp Entertainment – Prod. Joanne Azern, Dan Adler

After 90 Days: What Now?
TLC Docudrama – Sharp Entertainment – Prod. Joyce Mishaan, Dan Adler

Marrying Millions
Lifetime Docudrama – Sharp Entertainment – Prod. Lisa Levey

Love After Lockup
WeTV Docudrama – Sharp Entertainment – Prod. Alan Madison, Sophie Mallam

Pawn Stars (Season 15)
History Channel Show – Leftfield Pictures – Prod. Jessica Gentile, Jaimie Cohen

How Close Can I Beach?
HGTV Show – Switchblade Entertainment – Prod. Sean Lee, David Bowles

Made in Staten Island
MTV Docudrama – Viacom – Prod. Davis Reidpath, Adam Gonzalez

Four Weddings
TLC Wedding Competition - Leftfield Pictures - Prod. Esther Stone

Teen Mom: New Jersey
MTV Docudrama – Leftfeld Pictures – Prod. Davis Reidpath, Amy Kohn

Give (Season 2)
NBC Undercover Boss-style show – Bungalow Media – Prod. Kate Kenny, Mike Powers

My Super Sweet 16
MTV Reality Show – Viacom – Prod. Davis Reidpath, Adam Gonzalez

15 Minutes of Same
Topher Brophy Sprint Commercial – Bungalow Media – Prod. Mike Powers, Gino Tomac

Someone Has to Win
Trivia Game Show – Embassy Row – Prod. Sam Repp

NBC Undercover Boss-Style Show – Bungalow Media – Prod. Bobby Friedman, Kate Kenny, Cris DiLegge
*Emmy Winner for Outstanding Family Show 2016
*Emmy Nominated for Outstanding Host in a TV Series 2016

InkMasters: Decision
Spike TV Tattoo Show – Original Media – Prod. John Brimhall

Garbage Time with Katie Nolan (Season 3)
Fox Sports One Talk Show – Embassy Row – Prod. Samantha Repp

Watch What Happens Live
Live Studio Talk Show – Bravo – Prod. Andy Cohen, Samantha Repp

InkMasters: Redemption
Spike TV Tattoo Show – Original Media – Prod. John Brimhall

Moonshiners (Season 5)
Discovery Channel Docudrama – Magilla Entertainment – Dir. Chris Tetens – Prod. Matt Ostrom

Garbage Time with Katie Nolan (Season 2)
Fox Sports One Talk Show – Embassy Row – Prod. Greg Grogel, Samantha Repp

The High Priestess
Pilot – Valis Pictures – Prod. Samantha Scaffidi, William Holden

Moonshiners (Season 4)
#1 Rated Unscripted Television Show on Cable
Discovery Channel Docudrama – Magilla Entertainment – Dir. Chris Tetens – Prod. Matt Ostrom

Buy Like a Mega Millionaire
HGTV Game Show – Magilla Entertainment – Dir. Jon Murray – Prod. Matt Ostrom

The Miracle
Pilot – Valis Pictures – Prod. Doc Howell

Blood, Sweat and Heels Reunion Show
Bravo TV Show – Embassy Row – Prod. Andy Cohen – Prod. Celeste Cornelison

Moonshiners (Season 3)
Discovery Channel Docudrama – Magilla Entertainment – Dir. Chris Tetens – Prod. Matt Ostrom

The Null Set
TV Pilot – Valis Pictures – Prod. Doc Howell
* PKD Film Festival

Johnny Bones
Live action iPhone App
* Featured Adventure Game August iTunes App Store


In A Valley of Violence
Feature Film - Universal Studios - Dir. Ti West - Prod. Peter Phok, Jacob Jaffke, Jason Blum

The Final Girls
Feature Film - Sony Pictures Classic - Dir. Todd Strauss-Schulson - Prod. Darren Demetre

Staten Island Summer
Feature Film – Paramount Pictures – Dir. Rhys Thomas – Prod. Lorne Michaels

Jamie Marks is Dead
Feature Film – Verisimilitude – Dir. Carter Smith – Prod. Alex Orlovsky, Hunter Gray
*Sundance Film Festival

El Cielo Es Azul
Feature Film – Studio Fierberg – Dir. Andrew Fierberg – Prod. Juan Aura

The Sacrament
Feature Film – Slow Burn Productions – Dir. Ti West – Prod. Eli Roth, Jacob Jaffke, Peter Phok
* Venice Film Festival
* Toronto International Film Festival

Feature Film – Glass Eye Pix – Dir. Larry Fessenden – Prod. Peter Phok, Marco Henry
* Stanley Film Festival

Moonshiners (Season 1)
Discovery Channel Docudrama – Magilla Entertainment – Dir. Chris Tetens – Prod. Matt Ostrom

The Jenny McCarthy Show
VH1 Talk Show – Embassy Row – Dir. Liliana Olszewski – Prod. Michael Davies

Louie (Seasons 1 and 2)
Narrative Comedy Show (FX) – 3 Arts Entertainment – Dir. Louis CK – Prod. Tony Hernandez, Blair Breard

Away From Here
Feature Film – Straight Up Films – Dir. Bruce Van Dusen – Prod. Terry Leonard

Onion SportsDome
Fake News Show (Comedy Central) – Dir. Will Graham – Prod. Julie Smith

Onion News Network
Fake News Show (IFC) – Dir. Will Graham – Prod. Cristine Lubrano

I Used to be Fat
MTV Reality Show – Viacom Productions – Editor: Cori McKenna

Silver Tongues
Feature Film - Stick! Pictures – Dir. Simon Arthur – Prod. Jared Moshe
* Weschester Film Festival
* New York Film Festival
* Slamdance Film Festival

Back to the Blueprint
History Channel – History Channel Production

Run to the East
Feature Documentary – Moxie Pictures – Dir. Henry Lu – Prod. Dan Levinson
* Best Sports Film at Indie Spirit Festival
* Manhattan Film Festival

Planet B-Boy
Feature Documentary – Mental Pictures – Dir. Benson Lee – Prod. Danny Huang
* Tribeca Film Festival

Milagro Post
Commercial Post-Production Company - Head of Duplication Department

Project Runway – Poundcake Productions - PA
Craving Comfort – Food Network – PA
YouStar – Commercial - PA
Celebrity Apprentice 3 – Reilly Worldwide – PA
Tribeca Film Festival 2009 – Tribeca Film Institute - PA

BA, English, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan 2007
Editing, New York University, New York, New York 2006
Cinematography, University of California, Los Angeles, California 2004

Original Scripts:

All scripts available for option or purchase. 

Grand Mal: The Delusion of Nirvana

The Phenoverse is an authentic alternate reality in which all brains interface directly. We reach the Phenoverse by plugging into a device called the Holo-Scan 3000 but there's a virus that's been detected on the Holo-Scan network. People are getting sick in the alternate reality and bringing it back with them. And to make matters worse, the doctor who invented the Holo-Scan has disappeared.

Ray Simpson is the only man that can dive deep into the shadows of the Phenoverse to find the sick doctor and the source of this plague. At least that's what Bob Ludlow has told him, Ray's worked for guys like this before and he won't be anyone's patsy. Fall into the ether and follow Ray into the frame-up as he decodes the delusion of this fake Nirvana.

The Thrice Great Hermes

Jeremy is a boy that can see the future but his mother doesn't believe him. Detroit is broken and decrepit now but Jeremy sees New Detroit as a floating city that climbs up into the clouds on anti-gravity columns. Doctor Skeizwel hears about this special boy and knows Jeremy will be the perfect precognitive to power his Looking Glass, a device that can deduce the future. But when Skeizwel connects Jeremy to the Looking Glass and they beam to the future, Skeizwel is nowhere to be found.

Skeizwel cannot let this future continue to be projected any longer but it's already manifesting. The lunatic scientist has to turn to his alienated old, alcoholic partner Jack back into gear to alter what once seemed a long shot but now feels inevitable. Jack must pull his feet out of the tar of past regret and teach Jeremy to see clearly.

Adapted Feature Length:

Rights to original work not owned by Valis Pictures, LLC.

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Based on the novel by Philip K. Dick

World War Terminus has left Earth an underpopulated wasteland where people keep electric animals as pets. Through his bleak landscape reluctant bounty hunter Rick Deckard stalks the sophisticated and lethal Nexus6 androids who have fled their labors in the Martian Colonies. Deckard soon learns that the new messiah, the single messenger of hope in a desperate society, may also be false.

Stalking the mean streets of the grim futuristic megalopolis, RIck Deckard begins to question who is human and just what "human" is.

Please inquire for Script.

The Next Dimension (TV Series)

The Next Dimension is a gritty, New York based, sci-fi television series. Each episode is a standalone story that uses modern scientific theories to drive twisting plot lines. Think Twilight Zone shot like True Detective. But the science derived plots are not used to merely set up laser battles or visual effect laden set pieces. Instead, The Next Dimension employees these concepts to create emotional arcs for characters in real, dramatic situations: A factory worker who has lost his job is forced to emigrate his family off of Earth against their will. A venture capitalist who's wife commits suicide has her duplicated out of grief. And a jaded wife facing an incurable pandemic disease turns her back on her husband. These are just a few examples of the dramatic (as opposed to action/adventure) story arcs The Next Dimension means to embrace.

In other words, while the show intends to use theoretical scientific concepts and gadgetry as jumping off points, these concepts are never ends in themselves. They are only plot engines to propel completely human stories which reveal true emotion in idiosyncratic and unique characters. For this, I believe that The Next Dimension has the potential to be a truly original and authentic television series that can capture not only a niche sci-fi following but a broader mainstream audience as well.

Please inquire for Scripts.